Add a Webcam

Before adding a new webcam to the site, just make sure it meets these criteria:

  1. The camera is static (i.e., it points in the same direction all the time)
  2. The image size is a minimum of 320 x 240 pixels (but bigger is better)
  3. The camera points at something which shows a visible change from day to day (so an outdoor scene, such as a park, a street or the countryside, is good but the inside of an office or studio probably isn't).
  4. The camera is expected to remain in place for the foreseeable future (we don't want to have to keep taking short-term cameras out of the list). The one exception to this is that we might archive cameras pointing at important special events, such as the Olympics or the Football World Cup, provided they meet the other requirements.

OK with all of that? Then fill in the form...

Webcam Title

A nice snappy name for your webcam.


A brief description of the webcam, no more than a paragraph. No HTML or BBCode, please - entries containing them are discarded as spam.

Image URL

The full URL of the actual webcam image itself. It must begin with "http://" and end with ".jpg" (sorry, we don't archive any other image formats at the moment). Something like "" is what we're after here.

Site URL

The URL of the website containing the webcam. If it's a smallish site, then just the domain address (such as "") is fine, but if it's a large site where the webcam is only in one section then give the full URL of either the section or the actual page containing the webcam (something like "").

Webcam Location

Select the timezone and country where the webcam is located.

Time when image should be grabbed

Select the time of day when you want the image to be grabbed. The time is local to the camera's timezone, disregarding daylight saving time. Unless you have a good reason to choose a different time, then it's usually best to leave this as the default (between midday and 1.00pm). Don't select times that will be dark at least part of the year unless the location has good artificial light. We might change the grab time if we disagree with the one you choose.

Your Name

Your Email Address

We need these just in case we ever need to contact you about your submission. Don't worry, we won't add you to any mailing list or sell/rent your email address to spammers. In fact, the chances are you'll never hear from us again.

All done? Then click the button...

Newly-added webcams will be checked before going live. This involves monitoring them for at least a week, in order to be reasonably sure that the image is consistent. Please be patient, and don't submit the same webcam more than once.


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